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Lighting as a Storytelling Device


Tips + Resources

How to Take Your Wedding Photography to the Next Level Using Light as a Storytelling Device As photographers, how many of us communicate that we’re storytellers? It’s on our websites, it’s in our Instagram bios and posts — it’s everywhere. Call me a liar but I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. [shugging […]

My Top 10 Go-To’s for Rad Couple Portraits


Tips + Resources

My Top 10 Art Directives for Epic Portraits Today we’re doing a deep dive on 10 of my absolute favorite couple portrait ideas and how you can pull them off, too. I’m beyond excited to share this list with you because it’s full of ideas that can really elevate your work and reignite your creativity […]

Bride and groom photo at wedding at Hudson House

Winter Wedding at Hudson House in Jersey City


New York City

When I asked Sam to describe her vision for the wedding at our very first meeting, she spoke without missing a beat – “non-cookie cutter, yet still modern, elegant, and chic.” The couple wanted a feeling of warmth to the event, a welcome respite from the February cold outdoors.

Floral-Filled Winter Wedding in New Jersey


New York City

Elegant and Colorful Jewish Wedding in New Jersey Jamie and Remy’s winter wedding in New Jersey was truly one for the books. Complete with a custom design buildout for lighting, florals, and space setup, their 250 guests were transported to a completely different world for the evening. Each space at the wedding ushered them from […]

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