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Welcome to a new era of wedding photography pricing. In an industry often shrouded in vague numbers and hidden costs, I’ve redefined my approach to ensure clarity and honesty in every step of the process. My signature pricing model lays out every detail, so you know exactly what you're paying for and why. 





hidden fees

Transparent pricing is important because it builds trust and confidence between us. You deserve to know how your investment is being used and what to expect in return. By breaking down my pricing into specific components such as travel, sidekick support, photography coverage, and editing, you have the flexibility to tailor your package to suit your needs and budget. This approach empowers you to make informed decisions and eliminates any surprises down the line.

Just a straightforward breakdown that lets you customize your experience based on your specific needs.


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Love the retro look and vibe of film photos? Me too! Not gonna lie, I am so happy 35mm film and Polaroids are having a come back. I photograph much of my personal life on film and usually bring a few rolls to every wedding, but there is availability for more film add-ons, Polaroid coverage, and evan an exclusively 35mm film second photographer.

35mm Film

Your wedding day is unique, and your photography coverage should be too. Whether you need a few hours to capture key moments or full-day coverage to ensure every detail is documented, I've got you covered. Each option includes comprehensive pre-shoot preparation and meticulous photo backup to keep your memories safe and secure.

Day-of Coverage

Select and customize every aspect of your wedding photography experience.

all the details

Editing is provided with a customized quote based on your hours of coverage, venue, time of year, and logistics. Different weddings can have significantly different editing requirements. I thought it was more far to charge accordingly. Editing times range anywhere from 2-5 hours for an engagement session to 20-40 hours for a wedding. 

Editing & Post-Processing

Every couple is unique, and so are their needs leading up to the big day. I offer three levels of support to ensure your wedding photography experience is exactly what you need. Options range for the couple who doesn't need much guidance, to the bride who wants it all and me to bounce ideas off of to ensure every detail is perfect. 

Wedding Day Sidekick

Traveling to your wedding (or understanding what costs you're paying for me to travel) shouldn't be a hassle. I work to find the most reasonable accommodations and transportation options, ensuring I arrive ready to capture your day without breaking the bank. Your travel fee covers the essentials and rest assured, any savings I find are passed directly on to you

Required Travel

There are many optional a la carte items beyond just your wedding day. Most of my clients do book an engagement session, rehearsal dinner coverage, and/or custom albums. It's a flat deposit to lock in the date on my calendar, so things can always be adjusted leading up to the day.

Photography Add-Ons

Most couples spend anywhere from $4-8k for one-day weddings and $12-20k for weekend weddings.

Timeless portraits of your growing family brimming with love. Coming in the months after birth, we capture your home and life with this little human you brought into the world, each and every moment.

Family Sessions

Let's spend a bit of a normal day together for the two of you, capturing this snippet of life at this time. Recommended sessions are one hour to capture one location.

Maternity Photos

Think of them like those photos of your parents from the 1970's that you find in a shoebox...all of the retro feels while feeling just like yourselves. It's great to have a practice run before the big day too!

Engagement Sessions

captures for all of life's chapters

This coverage is ideal for classic weddings without the need for weekend coverage. This is best for couples hosting the wedding in their local city or not having festivities the night before. Offerings range, as all weddings are different. Options include 4 hours with just me as the photographer for smaller affairs, or up to 10 hours with two photographers for the entire day.

Classic Celebrations

This coverage is for couples hosting wedding weekends at a destination or beloved local spot. We will be there capturing every moment from your rehearsal dinner until the last song plays on the dance floor. 

Weekend Weddings


all the details

Perfect coverage for intimate weddings and small celebrations, at the iconic SF City Hall or elsewhere.. Just you and your love, surrounded by your closest family and friends. This is best for couples who are having smaller celebrations of 40 guests or less in 1-2 locations.

City Hall Weddings

- sara & aaron

"My mother is a professional photographer and vetoed 20 other vendors before we found katherine"

- tannaz & joseph

"She is the most intentional, present, fly-on-the-wall, gifted photographer you can possibly book for your wedding"

- ji & Sam

"there was not a single moment since our first email exchange where we questioned our decision to go with her"

- Amanda & daniel

"Our family and friends have not stopped singing her praises since the wedding and after seeing the photos"

- tara & james

"going through our library of photos felt like digging into an onion - so many layers and new gems to find"



Signature Work

Shoes kicked off on the dance floor, two dads sharing a beer after finishing their speeches, cake on the nose, hand squeezes when seeing one another for the first time, shadows and light and dance moves, and magic. 

— elaine & damir, married in 2021

Katherine and her team truly captured every moment with our guests, the groomsmen, and our family throughout all of the events happening simultaneously at our wedding. Our wedding took place on a massive 100+ acre property in the Catskills, and Katherine and her team made sure all things happening simultaneously on the property were captured.

"We are trying to relive every moment, and the photos she captured truly evoke the full spectrum of our wedding weekend emotions."

— nicole & scott, married in 2018

From the get-go, this company is different -- badass, no cheesiness allowed, personalized, professional. Rather than forcing you to fit into some awkward, posed, same-old wedding mold, Wilde Scout somehow made us feel like Vogue models and yet utterly ourselves, while also meeting our family's expectations on what wedding photos should look like.

“It's hard to put into words just how much hiring Katherine made our wedding photography dreams come true."





Frequently Asked Questions

01. How many final images can we expect?

I deliver approximately 75-100 photos per hour of coverage. There is no limit on the number of photos you will receive. My team and I  photograph anywhere from 7-15k raw files for any wedding client. All the photos go through an intentional culling and editing process to ensure the final gallery unfolds as naturally as your wedding day. 

02. what is your backup system?

Oh, I care so passionately about backup systems! After your wedding, all of the photos will go through my ultra-secure triple backup system to prevent against any file loss. Multiple memory cards, physical hard drives, and digitally on the cloud. Your raw photos are saved for 6 months and you have access to the gallery for 18 months.

03. what if something happens to you?

This situation has never occurred in nearly 500 weddings, but I have a firm plan in place for any emergencies. If something happens to me before the wedding, a trained associate from the team will step in. If something happens to me after the wedding but before receive the gallery, trusted partners will access my Photo Will and follow the editing instructions to ensure you receive all of your wedding photos. 

04. do you have insurance?

I work on a series of mirrorless Nikon Z6II and Z7 cameras with a variety of lenses that give your phots a film-like, cinematic feel. I also use a Fuji GFX medium-format camera for editorial-inspired imagery and some 35mm film cameras for fun.

05. what kind of gear do you shoot on?

I work on a series of mirrorless Nikon Z6II and Z7 cameras with a variety of lenses that give your phots a film-like, cinematic feel. I also use a Fuji GFX medium-format camera for editorial-inspired imagery and some 35mm film cameras for fun.

Email me at to learn more about working together and receive my Pricing & Info Guide.

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