Forget about being a fly on the wall—too distant, too distracting. Imagine a photographer who blends into your wedding day with the ease of a long-time friend, capturing your moments without ever becoming a distraction. That's the vibe I bring. I'm there, moving quietly, catching every laugh and tear from angles only a confidant could know.

It's all about being present without the pressure, turning fleeting moments into forever memories with a click.

Say hello to timeless
wedding photos with an edge.

A little bit
New York chic,
A little bit California cool.

A little bit of New York chic,
a little bit of California cool.

coast to coast and beyond

Film and Digital Photography

Think of your favorite vintage piece paired with sleek, modern accessories - sort of like grandma’s chic 80’s silk shirt paired with gold hoop earrings and a slicked back bun.

That's how I approach wedding photography. We’re talking classic shots with a twist that makes them totally, unmistakably you. You know, like when you slip into a pair of new jeans that feel just *utterly* right? That's the feeling you will have when looking at your wedding photos, now and for years to come.

No stuffy, cheesy wedding photos here - I'm about something different.

let's do this thing

The truth is: I never thought I would be a wedding photographer in a million years. It's sort of a funny story...

howdy, i'm katherine!
your fashion-loving, champagne-sipping, disco-dancing sidekick who knows all your good angles.

I'm not a "fly-on-the-wall" kind of photographer.


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Photos that look how your memories        


Timeless yet modern

Timeless chic with your unique joie de vivre. It’s exactly you, intentional and moving art, that captures the essence of your partnership. B&W stills from the cover of Vogue, with candids that look like your memories feel.

in-between moments

Shoes kicked off on the edge of the dance floor, crushed
petals in the ceremony aisle, clinking of glasses after a tearful toast... it's my job to be attuned to these moments, to capture them in all their unguarded authenticity.

cinematic storytelling

Say hello to wedding photos that feel like screen grabs from the HBO film of your life. Images that are more than just documentation, but rather works of art that capture the unique energy and romance of your celebration.

natural candids

I stay focused on your people throughout the entirety of the celebration, from big hugs at the welcome party to teary reactions during your parent's speech to crazy moves on the dance floor. Your final photo gallery will be filled with reactions, emotions, and moments with your guests at every stage of the day.

flash & 35mm film

direct flash & 35mm film

Not gonna lie, I am ecstatic flash and film photography is having a comeback. I've used these styles for years and adore how they blur the lines between modern times and vintage nostalgia.

attention to the details

No more cheesy photos of your shoes and dress hanging. My pictures capture all the details of your day but with a look that brings you back to what it felt like to be there.

- nicole & Scott

 From the get-go, this company is different -- badass, no cheesiness allowed, personalized, professional. Rather than forcing you to fit into some awkward, posed, same-old wedding mold, Katherine somehow made us feel like Vogue models and yet utterly ourselves, while also meeting our family's expectations on what wedding photos should look like.

"It's hard to put into words just how much hiring her made our wedding photo dreams come true."

- amanda & daniel

As a couple that is normally camera shy, we were shocked at how natural and organic we looked. All of that is credited to Katherine’s methods! Coming into this process, we knew that we wanted photos that captured the feeling of the day and she overdelivered. We were so overwhelmed (in the best way!) receiving sneak peeks and our full gallery by the sheer amount of incredible photos that took us back to those special moments.

"We were immediately put at ease when we did our engagement shoot with her."

"We were immediately put at ease when we did our engagement shoot with her and couldn’t wait to have her capture our wedding."

- ariane & keelan

The 1000+ photos we received for our intimate wedding were pure magic. Each image captured emotions in the most artistic and creative way, precisely aligning with our vision. Our family and friends were blown away by the incredible results. Katherine and her team's professionalism and passion shone through every step of the journey.

"Her dedication and personalized approach made us feel like we were her sole focus, despite knowing she had other clients."

- tara & james

While our day was special, the more and more we get away from the day, the more we rely on our photos to remind us how the day felt. And oh boy, did Katherine excel at helping us relive our day! One of my favorite things about her work is that our photos include the typical family portraits, perfectly executed documentary shots to catch all those candids, and artistic shots where she flexed her creative muscle.

"Katherine was without doubt the best investment we made for our wedding."


let's get this party started

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