Throwing an engagement party is a lovely way for you and your new fiancé to share your excitement with your loved ones. As an occasion that dates as far back as Ancient Greece, where the father and groom-to-be would form an oral contract, engagement parties have since become traditional for many cultures. Whether you choose to have a big event or a small informal dinner, you may be wondering how to best document your celebration.

Hiring a professional photographer is becoming a common practice at engagement parties, as couples look to streamline their wedding albums with high-quality images from the off-set. Here, we explore the benefits of having a photographer at your engagement celebration.

Set the mood

An engagement party is a great opportunity to set the mood for your upcoming wedding. Even though you probably haven’t secured a venue or begun the extensive planning process yet, you will likely have an idea of the type of wedding you and your partner envision.

If you are an eco-conscious couple who would favor a smaller, more intimate celebration, you can set the expectations early by creating a sustainable, boho-chic engagement party in a country barn or a park area. For those who desire a full-on fairytale wedding with all of the glitz and glamour, you may opt for an engagement party in a ballroom or function space that resonates with the future aesthetic of your wedding.

This offers your photographer the chance to really get to know your likes and dislikes, and to have a sneak-peak at the photographic opportunities your wedding day will bring.

Make a connection

Having your wedding photographer present for the first time at your engagement party gives you a chance to set your expectations of them, also. You will have a good opportunity for them to meet your guests and scope out your unique atmosphere, providing a sort of trial run for the big day.

This is a great chance to make a connection with your photographer and see the potential quality and style of your wedding photos. If you don’t gel with your chosen photographer, you will still have plenty of time to find another before the wedding.

Seamless photo album

Provided you like the photos from your engagement party, your wedding photos are likely to follow the same style. This allows you to create a wedding album that flows seamlessly right from your engagement to the momentous day.

This is the perfect time to discuss potential photographic style options with your photographer, and discover which they are most skilled at producing. Whether you want a traditional selection or some editorial shots, a mix of candid moments or perhaps something more creative, now is the time to discuss this with your photographer.

Consider adding a videographer

Couples often hire a videographer to work alongside their photographer, to record special moments that you’ll want to replay in the future. If this is something you’re considering for your wedding, it’s worth adding it into your engagement party too. Hiring a photographer is sure to also give you good practice at posing for the upcoming wedding day, and will pave the way for a successful wedding photoshoot.

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