Looking for a sophisticated yet charming wedding venue in New York? Look no further than Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills. This unique location, originally part of a dairy barn complex dating back to the 1930s, has been beautifully transformed into a stylish space blending history with modern flair.

Conveniently located near NYC, it offers an idyllic escape without extensive travel. Founded by renowned chef Dan Barber, Blue Hill is celebrated for its intimate atmosphere and farm-to-table dining, spotlighting locally-sourced ingredients in delectable dishes.

As a highly sought-after venue, Blue Hill Farm promises an unforgettable experience for couples seeking elevated celebrations amidst natural surroundings.

Having had the pleasure of working at this esteemed venue, we’re excited to share insights into hosting your special day at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, including insider tips, a helpful timeline guide, and inspiring real-life stories from couples who’ve celebrated here.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns New York, farm-to-table wedding venue.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns 

Historic & Sustainable Farm-To-Table Venue

The historic barn complex has been beautifully revamped, marrying old-world elements like limestone and oak with chic, contemporary design. As you explore the venue, you’ll discover a cozy and upscale atmosphere, adorned with custom furniture and expert lighting, creating the perfect backdrop for your special day. Blue Hill goes the extra mile with its dedication to environmentally conscious practices, employing energy-efficient equipment and preserving the distinctive historical structures that make this venue unique. 

What truly distinguishes Blue Hill is its exceptional farm-to-table experience. During the growing season, the chefs source eighty percent of the menu from local fields and farms, allowing them to craft menus tailored to individual preferences and featuring the finest seasonal ingredients. This commitment to farm-to-table cuisine isn’t just a label; it’s a legacy. Blue Hill was the pioneer in farm-to-table cuisine, and this experience shines through in everything that guests touch, from the first glass of champagne upon arrival to the passed desserts on the dance floor.

Offerings & Amenities

  • MICHELIN-STARRED CATERING: Indulge in exquisite culinary delights with in-house catering that meets the highest standards.
  • BAR SERVICES: Enjoy a variety of beverages from the bar to complement your celebration.
  • BAKERY EXPERIENCE: Enhance the culinary journey with freshly baked bread, handmade ricotta, and charcuterie for guests to savor.
  • ON-SITE ACCOMODATION: Immerse yourselves in the countryside with the convenience of on-site lodging for you and your guests.
  • SEAMLESS WEDDING COORDINATION: Experience a stress-free celebration with the venue’s dedicated wedding coordination services.
  • AMPLE PARKING FACILITIES: Ensure convenience for your guests with provided parking facilities.

Venue Spaces & Capacity

Blue Hill offers an intimate setting for celebrations with a capacity of up to 175 guests (125 for daytime events). For larger gatherings (175-200+ guests), there’s the option of a restaurant buyout, ensuring an exclusive celebration.

Booking & Planning Your Blue Hill Wedding

For those dreaming of tying the knot at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, early planning is key, particularly for the sought-after months of May through November. Prime Saturday dates can be snagged well in advance – up to a year or more. The booking process is a breeze; couples are welcomed to reach out, inquire about their desired date, and delve into the details with the venue. For convenience, we’ve included two sample timelines to help you get a feel for what your day at Blue Hill can look like. 

Timeline sample for a Blue Hill wedding with 180 guests, a wedding party of 8, and an on-site ceremony:

8:00 AM: Start getting ready at the hotel. This includes hair, makeup, and hangs.
11:00 AM: Getting ready photos with wedding parties begins
12:00 PM: Couple into outfits, solo portraits
12:30 PM: Leave hotel for Blue Hill
1:00 PM: Arrival at Blue Hill for First Look
1:15 PM: Couples Portraits at Blue Hill
2:00pm: Wedding Party Photos Begin
2:30pm: Family Photos Begin
3:00 PM: Break and refreshments for the wedding party.
3:30 PM: Prepare for the ceremony, guests start arriving.
4:00 PM: Wedding ceremony begins.
4:30 PM: Cocktail hour starts, any additional photos (if needed).
5:30 PM: Dinner begins in Hayloft
5:45 PM: First Course + Welcome Toast
6:15PM: Second Course
6:30PM: Toasts
6:45PM: Third Course
7:00PM: Sneak outside for sunset photos
7:30PM: First Dance
7:45PM: Dance Floor Opens!
8:00PM: Dessert Served
10:00PM: End of Event

Timeline sample for a Blue Hill wedding with 60 guests, no wedding party, and an on-site ceremony:

1:00 PM: Getting ready photos begin, finishing touches of hair and makeup
1:30PM: Couple gets into outfits, solo portraits
2:00 PM: First Look and couples portraits around venue
2:45 PM: Family photos
3:30 PM: Guests begin to arrive.
4:00 PM: Ceremony begins.
4:30 PM: Ceremony concludes, followed by a cocktail hour.
5:30 PM: Reception and dinner start.
5:45 PM: First Course + Welcome Toast
6:15PM: Second Course
6:30PM: Toasts
6:45PM: Third Course
7:00PM: Sneak outside for sunset photos
7:30 PM: Cake cutting
8:00 PM: End of the event.

Tips for the best wedding day photos

If you’re considering Blue Hill at Stone Barns for your wedding, don’t miss the chance to explore the picturesque grounds and farm. While the venue offers ample photo opportunities close by, take the time to inquire about additional options. Keep in mind that on-site getting ready locations may be somewhat limited, especially for larger groups. Booking a suite at the nearby Castle Hotel & Spa or considering modern options like The Opus Westchester can enhance your pre-wedding experience. 

While the iconic wood barn is a fantastic backdrop for photos, be cautious about shooting during midday and afternoon. Direct sunlight can hit the barn as it faces west, creating challenging lighting conditions. For timeless and romantic photos, plan your barn shots during the softer light of the hours preceding sunset. This small adjustment can make a significant difference in capturing the perfect moments on your special day!

Planning a wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns?

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