In the heart of Long Island, on a crisp November day, a love story years in the making reached its grand crescendo. Alana and Bryan, said “I do” after a long three-year engagement, and seven years together. Surrounded by loved ones at the beautiful Bourne Mansion on Long Island, this wedding was a beautiful showcase of timeless elegance and modern glamour… with the most incredible dress to match.

The Venue

The Bourne Mansion | Oakdale, New York

The Bourne Mansion radiates historical romance movie: blending classic architecture with modern comforts across its grand ballrooms, lush gardens, and cozy library.

For Alana and Bryan, the selection of the Bourne Mansion for their wedding day held special meaning. They’re both from Long Island, and they wanted a place that served fantastic food and had that classic charm, without feeling cookie-cutter. Plus, this mansion had some deep family ties – Bryan’s grandpa went to school here back in the day! Needless to say, it checked all of their boxes and then some.

The Bourne Mansion wedding venue in Long Island, New York.

The Couples Vision

A Modern and Intimate Black-Tie Wedding

Alana and Bryan wanted their wedding to be both classy and fun. They aimed for modern yet traditional decor, with a simple black, white, and gold color palette. Despite its grandeur, they aimed for a cozy dinner party vibe. They seamlessly mixed tradition with their personal touch, adding custom signs with cheeky slogans, a live jazz band during cocktail hour, and chic decor to make it totally their own.

Getting Ready Moments

The Girls | Bellport Inn & Bourne Mansion

At the local Bellport Inn close to the venue, Alana and her bridal party of eight besties prepared for the celebrations ahead with a glam squad and fun details. The crew all wore matching black satin pajamas, and Alana stood out with her elegant white set, featuring the most fun feathered sleeves. They indulged in a delicious breakfast (champagne included) to start the day.

The Bellport Inn sign.

The talented Mariel Benenatti and Senada Zanki teamed up to work their beauty magic, crafting glamorous looks for the entire bridal squad. With hair and makeup done, the group celebrated with a festive champagne pop, coupe glasses in hand, and a playful confetti popper that resulted in the most adorable and candid photos.

Brides mom and mother-in-law getting their makeup done.

Alana finished getting ready at the Bourne Mansion, putting her dress on in one of the gorgeous spaces to avoid any wrinkles during travel. Her bridal look was everything, with Hollywood waves, a deep side part glammed up with crystal details, and a stunning mermaid-style gown with a flowing cathedral train. All thanks to Wedding Salon of Manhasset for sourcing this Ines Di Santo dress!

After sharing some heartfelt moments with her mom, Alana surprised her eagerly waiting bridesmaids. Against the stunning checkered floors, their black dresses looked incredible and made all the effort of moving cocktail tables absolutely worth it 😉 Their sweet reactions were just the start of the overflowing love and support that Alana and Bryan would be surrounded by throughout the day.

But the cherry on top was Alana’s first look with her dad. It was incredibly touching and showcased the deep bond they share. There wasn’t a dry eye in sight; it truly brought out the emotions in the entire photo and video team (videography by Fiore Films).

Bride getting ready holding hands with her mom.
Moody bridal portrait reflection at the Bourne Mansion in long Island.
Bridesmaid first look at the Bourne Mansion with checkered floor.
Father-daughter wedding day first look.
Father-daughter wedding day first look.
Bride getting emotional after father-daughter wedding day first look.

The Guys | Hyatt Hotel & Bourne Mansion

Bryan and his crew kicked off their day at the Hyatt Hotel with a hearty breakfast, courtesy of Chick-fil-A, and some quality bro time. Bryan had a cool surprise for his groomsmen – personalized cufflinks, a little something special to spruce up their look. Dressed to the nines, Bryan wore a sleek Enzo Custom black tux and Christian Louboutin loafers.

Groom's dad helping him put on his jacket.
Groom first look with his mom.
Groom hugging his mom after first look.

First Look & Portraits

A Long-Awaited Reunion

Outside the Mansion, Bryan was a bundle of nerves, reading a heartfelt letter from Alana that had him all choked up even before he saw her. You could practically feel the tension in the air, but the moment he turned around and locked eyes with Alana, well, let’s just say all those nerves went poof! His reaction was incredible – a mix of pure joy, tears, excitement, and disbelief. These two are head over heels in love, and their emotions really shine through. After that incredibly touching First Look, we strolled around the venue, snapping photos of the couple and their awesome crew before the ceremony got underway.

Bourne Mansion wedding bride and groom first look.

A Sleek Black & White Wedding Party

Classic Attire and Mismatched Bridesmaid Silhouettes

Black and white – the ultimate classic! This wedding party was the epitome of chic. The bridesmaids rocked different styles and necklines. Paired with the groomsmen’s classic black suits, they perfectly embodied the wedding’s timeless theme. With 17 in the group, plus the bride and groom, they really brought the energy! Against any backdrop, their striking contrast made them pop in the best way possible.

Bride and bridesmaids walking into the Bourne Mansion.
Bride privately reading groom's letter before ceremony.

The Intimate Indoor Ceremony

An unfortunate twist turned unexpected blessing

In a dramatic turn of events, a sudden tornado warning forced the ceremony indoors, relocating it to the Library Room at the very last minute. However, what initially seemed like an unfortunate twist transformed into an unexpected blessing. The impromptu change in venue made things feel super romantic and intimate like they were wrapped up in a love bubble.

Their ceremony itself was traditional but far from typical. It was packed with personal touches, from the music they handpicked to the heartwarming readings and vows that had been brewing for years.

Bourne Mansion indoor wedding ceremony.
Bourne Mansion indoor wedding ceremony groom walking down the aisle.
Bride standing with her dad before walking down the aisle.

Kind Words From the Couple

“…We were up all night picking our jaws off the floor!

I really don’t even have the words, but THANK YOU for this ability to hold on to that day forever and to have such amazing, beautiful memories of our friends and family. I woke up feeling like I had just relived the whole thing, and also like I got to experience it as a guest. Thank you for the thoughtfulness and precision that went into making a reality of every discussion we ever had, and thank you for being the easiest and best decision we made through all of this. You are truly so beyond talented.

The highlight film is such a thoughtful touch and dramatic way to experience these– Bryan was crying, obviously. To say you can feel these photos would be the understatement of the century. If anyone needs me, I’ll be glued to this gallery until further notice.

If I were with you, I would kiss you, but for now– thank you from the very bottom of our hearts”

Fine art bridal portrait at Bourne Mansion.

The Sophisticated Cocktail Hour

Mingling with Guests and Loved Ones

Cocktail hour was an absolute vibe! It felt like an intimate dinner party as guests mingled from room to room, savoring delicious food, enjoying live music, and indulging in free-flowing cocktails. The atmosphere was electric, perfectly capturing the essence that Alana and Bryan had envisioned for their celebration.

Moody cocktail hour at Bourne Mansion.

The Bourne Ballroom Reception

Elegant Details and a Fun After-Party Surprise

The grand reception went down in the mansion’s ballroom and it was all kinds of fabulous. The decor, a blend of simple elegance in black, white, and gold, radiated timeless sophistication. But what truly wowed was the suspended floral installation crafted by Marie Rafter, adding that ethereal touch. And let’s not forget the little delights and personalized details that elevated the evening; including the adorable mirror encouraging everyone to “grab a drink,” custom napkins with a playful nod to their 1,107-day planning journey, a cool photo booth, and lighting that was basically a work of art.

The reception kicked off with a grand entrance and the bride and groom’s first dance, a little stumble only adding to the charm. Heartwarming parent dances followed, leading to a truly delicious dinner. The speeches, with the couple seated facing their loved ones, had everyone in their feels.

Bride and groom Bourne Mansion wedding reception entrance.
Bride and groom listening to speeches during their Bourne Mansion reception in the ballroom.
Bride and groom celebrating after dinner and toasts.

A live band cranked up the energy, turning the reception into a full-blown dance party. Everyone – and I mean everyone – got in on the fun. Alana snuck away for a dazzling outfit change into a short, feathery dress, complete with Retrofete earrings. Of course, we couldn’t resist a quick flash photo session outside!

And, to wrap up this classy and elegant wedding, they served up a fast-food finale. Enter Mike’s Delights food truck, a true NYC wedding icon, serving up all your fast-food favorites.

Mike's Delights food truck.
Planner: Deborah Minarik || Venue: Bourne Mansion || Videography: Fiore Films ||Wedding Outfits: Dress 1 – Ines Di Santo via Wedding Salon of Manhasset; Dress 2 – Cult Gaia; Groom’s tux – Enzo Custom || Shoes & Accessories: Shoes – Jimmy Choo; Groom’s shoes: Christian Louboutin || Hair & Makeup: Mariel Benenatti: @makeupbymariel; Senada Zanki, @Glambynada || Florist:
In Full Bloom: Contact is Marie Rafter || DJ/Band: 45 Riots || Jewelry/Rings: Bride’s Band – Cohen Bros. Jewelry; Groom’s Band – Greenwich Street Jewelers; Bride’s earrings – Verstolo; 2nd dress earrings: Retrofete || Cake & Desserts: Campbell’s Bakery || Catering: Bourne Mansion || Stationery & Signage: Velvet Fox Designs || Food truck: Mike’s Delights || Audio Guestbook: Fetefone || Photo Booth: Neeko Booths || Bride’s PJs: Sleeper
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