The Benefits of Having a First Look on Your Wedding Day

Hey hey, lovelies!

Did you know? That having a first look on your wedding day can completely change the game? 😲

Wild, uh?

Well, it’s why I’m here spilling the tea for you. Let’s dive into this!

A “First Look” means taking a special time to see your partner for the first time together before the day kicks off (with me on my zoom lens capturing all the happy tears and laughs). This moment usually flows directly into “The Romantics” which are the photos of you two being you, as individuals and as a couple.

Whether or not you do a First Look is up to you. If you’ve always dreamed of seeing one another down the aisle for the first time, skip the First Look. If you’d prefer to maximize time at cocktail hour and with each other on the day, let’s plan for it.  Many couples are immediately less stressed when they finally see their partner instead of waiting until the ceremony, but it is totally up to you and what you are envisioning.

Best of both: if you want to wait to see your partner for the first time when they walk down the aisle,

try a blind first look! I’ll bring both of you together while wearing a blindfold or just touching hands.

Intimate Moments? I got chu.

Imagine it: just the two of you, away from the whole wedding circus, soaking up that “OMG, we’re getting married” vibe.

It’s like taking a breath before jumping into the coolest pool ever. You get to whisper those sweet nothings, sneak in a cuddle, and relish in the feels.

Camera-Shy Much?

Hey, if being the center of attention in front of a massive crowd ain’t your jam, the First Look’s got your back. Say those heartfelt vows to each other in private.Some couples read their vows aloud to each other at their first look, especially those who can be shy in front of family and friends. It’s so sweet to bring something to exchange or read to one other during this moment, and it creates truly meaningful photos.

Get the emotions rolling and let us snap those authentic moments from a distance.

Yup, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Emotional Connection? Yaaas!

Weddings? A roller coaster of emotions! The First Look? Your emotional chill pill. All the feels – from the happy tears to the deep belly laughs – come out to play. And trust me, those make for some EPIC pics.

Extra Photos? Score!

We’re talking more time to get those Pinterest-worthy shots of you two. With no post-ceremony frenzy, we get to play around, try out cool spots, and basically make you both look like the rockstars you are without feeling rushed or like you’re missing out on time with your guests.

Stress-Free Schedule? Lemme break it down for you.

Weddings? Madness. But with a First Look, you tick off the big photo moments before you even hit the aisle. Result? Dive into that party mode right after the ceremony.

And hey, you deserve to snag all those appetizers and refresh your glam before making that grand entrance.

Party Non-Stop? Heck yeah!

Ditch the long photo breaks post-ceremony. First Look means you jump straight into party central. More groovy dance moves, more laughs, and way more fun!

So, lovely, if these goodies resonate, then a First Look? Totally your jam.

Go forth and wed.


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