If you’re a lover of fashion and all things pink, you’re going to obsess over this edgy, chic bridal shower in Chinatown. Hosted by the bride’s sisters at the iconic Peachy’s in New York City, this bridal bash was a VIBE. Shaking things up with a Thursday night invite and requests for donations to the bride’s favorite charity in lieu of gifts, this was a bridal shower that defiantly broke the mold. The night was capped off with a fun couples session of the soon-to-be newlyweds and childhood sweethearts. 

The Venue

Peachy’s | Chinatown’s Famous Underground Cocktail Bar 

Starting off with the venue, Peachy’s! Located in Chinatown, this famed underground cocktail bar is a neon-drenched paradise that blends vintage Chinese decor with a modern twist. You’re greeted with cherry blossoms, moody lighting, and an irresistible array of fantastic cocktails. Plus, the energetic beats from the in-house DJ make this a night-out hotspot. 

Peachy's bar Chinatown, NYC.

The Details

Chic and Edgy Fashion Statements

Now on to the fashion– starting with the bride-to-be Caroline’s pink satin gown from Alex Perry which she paired with 90’s inspired star heel sandals and the perfect Mina Muaddi handbag

Caroline wearing a pink satin gown from Alex Perry standing in front of Peachy's bar for her bridal shower.

Caroline’s sisters added to the fashionable flair with their bold choices including a green and pink paisley suit, a pink feather-trimmed cape dress and a funky floral two-piece set. 

Guests took Caroline’s edgy and stylish theme to heart, arriving in statement outfits and vibrant attire. The entire event felt like an exclusive NYFW afterparty!

Drinks, Dumplings & Dancing 

And what’s a party without invitations? Caroline’s Peachy’s themed stationery was a major highlight! The envelopes even featured the lounge’s distinctive tiger-print wallpaper. Other details to note were the “Year of the Bride” coasters and “It’s Going Down in Chinatown” matchbox favors. 

Immersed in an iridescent neon glow, Caroline and her party-goers sipped on signature cocktails and indulged in authentic Chinese cuisine while celebrating this bridal rite of passage.

Neon chic Chinatown bridal shower at Peachy's bar.

Lovers in Chinatown

A Nighttime Session with the Caroline & PJ

Wrapping up the evening on a high note, Caroline’s soon-to-be hubby, PJ, made his surprise appearance. Following his entrance, we whisked the pair away for a quick nighttime photo session, under Chinatown’s vibrant city lights. 

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Groom kissing the bride's cheek under Peachy's neon dragon in Chinatown, New York.

Caroline’s bridal shower was a fun, edgy soiree that totally reimagined what we think of traditional celebrations. Her choice of a chic nighttime celebration was as unique as her and PJ’s love story. They truly shook things up, right from the Chinatown bridal shower to their 60’s-inspired Palm Springs wedding. Here’s to Caroline, who showed us just how to put a unique and personal spin on wedding traditions.

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