Retro-Chic Engagement Session

The TWA Hotel, JFK Airport– New York, NY

For lovers of retro-chic, get ready to be dazzled by this glamorous engagement session at TWA Hotel in New York. Located within JFK airport, this venue sweeps you back in time to the glitz and glamour of the 1960s Hollywood era, complete with opulence and a rush of nostalgia. I couldn’t be more thrilled when Heather and Scott picked the TWA Hotel as the backdrop for their engagement session. Capturing their love against this architectural icon led to a collection of editorial, vibey-vintage photos, and (to put it lightly) we’re obsessed.

Retro-chic engagement session at TWA Hotel in New York.

About The TWA Hotel

A Tribute to Travel’s Golden Era

The TWA Hotel stands as a living monument to the golden era of travel and design. The hotel’s history intricately weaves with the legacy of Trans World Airlines (TWA), a pioneering airline that indelibly marked aviation history.

Honoring this legacy, the TWA Hotel preserves the architectural and design elements that defined an elegant and innovative era. From the iconic Jet Age architecture to the midcentury modern furnishings, every corner exudes the spirit of a time when air travel was not just a means of transportation, but an experience in itself. The TWA Hotel is more than a hotel; it’s a time capsule that allows guests to relive the excitement and allure of a bygone era.

A Glimpse Into The World’s Most Luxurious Airport Hotel

Where To Take Your Engagement Photos at The TWA Hotel

TWA Hotel has a lot to offer in terms of backdrops for engagement photos and luxury weddings alike. From the breathtaking floor-to-ceiling windows that provide panoramic views of the tarmac to the charming vintage Connie Aircraft, this hotel stands out as a truly unique venue.

The Tarmac

The expansive tarmac offers an expansive canvas that stretches into the horizon. With vintage aircraft and the iconic TWA Hotel building as a backdrop, the tarmac exudes an air of aviation nostalgia and grandeur.

Coo; engagement session at TWA Hotel in New York City.

The Connie Aircraft

A meticulously restored Lockheed Constellation airplane stands as a beacon of classic aviation. Its polished exterior and retro interiors transport you to the golden age of travel, providing a unique and intimate space for memorable moments.

Couple walking up the stairs of the vintage Connie Aircraft at TWA Hotel.

The Vintage Solari Board

The Vintage Solari Board, a relic from a bygone era, radiates an aura of midcentury sophistication. With its rotating flipboard showcasing flight information, it adds a touch of timeless charm

TWA Hotel retro solari board.

The TWA Hotel Lobby

Stepping into the TWA Hotel lobby is like entering a time capsule of midcentury modern design. The sleek lines, iconic furniture, and abundance of natural light create an atmosphere that’s both elegant and inviting.

TWA Hotel lobby.

The Paris Cafe

The Paris Cafe captures the ambiance of a classic European cafe, replete with charming bistro tables and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The cozy setting invites intimacy and quiet moments.

The Sunken Lounge

Characterized by its curved lines and bold, red interior, the Sunken Lounge embodies retro chic. The combination of low-slung seating, vintage accents, and ambient lighting sets the stage for conversations and connections.

The Flight Tube

A corridor that harkens back to the jet age, the Flight Tube features curving walls and a striking geometric ceiling. This passage, reminiscent of midcentury air travel, creates an intriguing and dynamic space for capturing memories.

TWA Hotel vintage flight tube engagement photo.

Why Choose TWA for Your Engagement Session or Wedding Venue

The TWA Hotel is a dream destination for couples seeking a truly unique and unforgettable engagement session or wedding venue. With its unmistakable retro vibe, this location offers an experience like no other. The blend of vintage charm and contemporary sophistication creates an atmosphere that’s both nostalgic and vibrant, making it an ideal setting for couples looking to infuse their special day with a touch of disco.

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