The modern bride undoubtedly wants romance when it comes to her engagement – that much is clear. However, picking the perfect ring can be tricky, as the selection available to the brides and grooms of today can easily be overwhelming.

When it comes down to it, the most important thing is, of course, the sentiment behind the ring. On a practical level, this is followed by the type of stone, the cut of the stone, and the setting. Below, we take a look at the three most popular styles.

Tiffany setting

Known for its association with the famous jeweller who first popularised this setting, the Tiffany is essentially a six-prong claw solitaire. It’s beautifully symmetrical and really lets the stone sparkle. Usually used for diamond engagement rings, this setting is also great with a more budget-friendly moissanite or other precious stones.

Re-using an heirloom ruby or sapphire might be a wonderful way of incorporating a family piece that’s gone out of fashion into a brand new ring. The Tiffany setting is ideal for the classic bride who values simplicity and elegance over something too flashy. Both larger and smaller stones can truly shine in this type of setting.

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Halo setting

Halo settings are defined by a ‘halo’ of stones around one large central stone. This popular engagement ring setting actually comes from the 1920s art deco era, meaning you can find a selection of vintage and modern styles featuring halos. This setting is particularly popular for diamond engagement rings, with a diamond halo making the centre diamond look larger and more attractive.

It’s a great setting for a bride who prefers a vintage-inspired look and doesn’t mind the extra cleaning additional stones might require. This setting is particularly beautiful when showcasing diamonds or other clear gems, though classic designs such as the sapphire ring worn by the Duchess of Cambridge are equally popular.

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Pavé setting

Lovers of sparkle will delight in a pavé-set engagement ring, meaning a centre stone is presented against a band of diamonds or other precious stones. Pavé bands usually feature either diamonds going fully around the band or half way down either side. They’re commonly paired with a matching pavé wedding band as well, making for an even more striking result.

Brides opting for this type of ring often value more glamorous styles – it’s the ultimate princess ring for a regal woman. Vintage options are available, though they’re usually pricey. A new pavé engagement ring could also be combined with the halo style, creating the ultimate sparkler.

All of the above choices are, in their own way, perfect for the bride they’ll adorn. Your own dream ring selection will depend on your favored style, budget, and preferences between diamonds or other precious and semi-precious stones. Whichever type of engagement ring you choose – Tiffany, halo, pavé or other – the most important thing is that it is given out of love and affection, symbolizng the relationship you have with your partner and the future you’re building together.

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