Looking for tips on a First Look that doesn’t feel forced? Unsure of how you should structure timeline? On the hunt for photography inspiration that actually feels like it's with real people? You're not the only one wondering all those things — so I’ve answered all of those questions and more for you here.

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Congratulations on your Engagement! As a wedding photographer based in the vibrant and picturesque San Francisco Bay Area, I am constantly in awe of the diverse locations this region has to offer. Whether you’re looking for iconic cityscapes, serene nature spots, breathtaking waterfront views, or unique and alternative settings, the Bay Area has it all. […]

If you’re a lover of fashion and all things pink, you’re going to obsess over this edgy, chic bridal shower in Chinatown. Hosted by the bride’s sisters at the iconic Peachy’s in New York City, this bridal bash was a VIBE. Shaking things up with a Thursday night invite and requests for donations to the bride’s […]

Retro-Chic Engagement Session The TWA Hotel, JFK Airport– New York, NY For lovers of retro-chic, get ready to be dazzled by this glamorous engagement session at TWA Hotel in New York. Located within JFK airport, this venue sweeps you back in time to the glitz and glamour of the 1960s Hollywood era, complete with opulence […]

TWA Hotel New York retro engagement session.

Instead of the usual spiel, let me give you the real scoop on what I do and why it might just be what you're looking for in your wedding photographer.

My approach? It’s all about capturing the raw, unfiltered joy and those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. I believe in photography that tells a story - your story - with all its unique quirks, laughter, and, of course, love.

I’m talking about the tearful smiles, the spontaneous dances, and the silent glances that speak volumes. My style is a blend of candid documentary and artistic flair, ensuring each photo feels as real and vibrant as the moment it captures. I don't just take pictures; you don't just want your picture taken, you want your memories preserved.

Welcome to the party! I’m Katherine Marchand.

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