One of the most iconic spots in the Catskills is the Phoenicia Diner, located right on Route NY-28 in Phoenicia. After photographing dozens of weddings up in the Catskill Mountains of New York, the classic diner sign was always a welcome sight on my drive back to the city…and their delicious food has brought back to life many a hungover wedding guest.

When Steph and Bill and I were brainstorming locations for their engagement session before their upcoming wedding at Firefox Mountain House, the Phoenicia Diner came right to mind. It was a little off the beaten path, something refreshing and different….an alternative take on an engagement session if you will.

We met on a Sunday morning in September for mimosas and breakfast. It was the perfect opportunity to bring out a medium-format film camera, to capture the retro feel of the diner and the old look of the Catskills. Needless to say, the photos came out so cute. Is it 1979 or 2019? Who knows 😉

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