About the Wedding at Locanda Verde

When I asked Ariel and Elliot what their most anticipated moment of their wedding day at Locanda Verde in New York City’s TriBeCa neighborhood was, they both said, “Saying ‘I do’ and then turning around to share that incredible moment with the people that mean everything to us.”

This perfectly encapsulates everything that was important to them, and I took extra care to document. The couple invested in little details that them and their guests would be able to re-use, like the napkin rings handmade by Ariel’s mother and the Chanel bag that would be an heirloom item to pass down for years to come. Stunning florals and table design by Rosehip Social created the feel of an elegant dinner party. “We wanted to create a warm room filled with love, surrounded by people we love and who love us.”

How We Photograph Locanda Verde Weddings

One of the first ways Ariel and Elliot described themselves was “anti-wedding” people. In their mid-30’s and living in New York City, they’ve been to dozens of weddings and didn’t want to feel like their wedding was a photo shoot. Taking this into account, I helped them build a timeline for the day that allowed them to enjoy the night and have real moments captured versus feeling stuck posing for photos.

With it being late December and everything happening after sundown, I approached their couple portraits like a casual editorial shoot for a magazine – taking less than ten minutes to do some epic photos of them walking across the street and under the lights of NYC

Locanda Verde is a beautiful space and a beloved favorite of many New Yorkers, but not beloved of many photographers. Dim lighting and romantic candlelight creates the ultimate atmosphere in person. Yet most professional cameras cannot handle that kind of lighting without a flash or alternate lighting, thus removing all the lovely vibes from the images (which is usually why the couple booked the venue in the first place!)

I work with a series of mirrorless digital cameras that master any tough lighting situation, allowing me to shoot at a lower shutter speed without losing any focus or stability in the final image. To preserve the atmosphere in the room, I photographed the entire ceremony and reception using only natural light so that the final photos looked exactly how it felt to be in the room that night.

Vendor List

Florals: Rosehip Social
Hair + Makeup: Lian Cenzano
Ariel’s Dress + Shoes: Miu Miu
Ariel’s Purse: Chanel
Elliot’s Suit: Prada
Jewelry + Rings: London Jewelers
Gifts: Light by Debra Skyler
Catering: Locanda Verde

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