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Sara and Aaron, true nomads at heart, embraced a lifestyle of remote work that took them across the United States, exploring and nurturing their love over nearly a decade. When they finally decided to tie the knot, they chose the lush Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami as their backdrop. Their wedding vision was a […]

Maddie and Noah’s journey to their dream wedding was nothing less than extraordinary – it wasn’t just the detailed planning that made the event uniquely their own, but also doing it all while also being medical residents fighting the pandemic on the front lines at New York City’s only public hospital. From the iconic venue […]

Alivia and Stephen’s stylish Belle Epoque-inspired Ocean House wedding was a weekend to remember. The couple curated a remarkable celebration that artfully blended the timeless charm of New England with modern sophistication. From the mesmerizing ombre floral aisle and striking red invitations to the unexpected surprise of a dazzling fireworks display, every element was meticulously […]

Instead of the usual spiel, let me give you the real scoop on what I do and why it might just be what you're looking for in your wedding photographer.

My approach? It’s all about capturing the raw, unfiltered joy and those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. I believe in photography that tells a story - your story - with all its unique quirks, laughter, and, of course, love.

I’m talking about the tearful smiles, the spontaneous dances, and the silent glances that speak volumes. My style is a blend of candid documentary and artistic flair, ensuring each photo feels as real and vibrant as the moment it captures. I don't just take pictures; I preserve memories.

Welcome to the party! I’m Katherine Marchand.

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