Romantic Wedding at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with Jewish Traditions

There is nothing quite like late October in New York, it is a special time of year as the weather changes. A wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the perfect place to get married. Nicole and Scott spent many years of their relationship doing long-distance. Nicole was in law school and Scott was doing his medical residency. The two spent many weekends commuting via Amtrak back and forth to be together.

New York was the first place they were able to live together as a couple. So having their wedding locally at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden made it even more special!

“We wanted to have a chic, fall, New York wedding,” said Nicole when asked to describe the couples vision for the day. “The goal is to incorporate tradition while still being modern, glamorous, and personal to us.”

Both partners hail from Long Island. Yet their relationship is very much tied to the places they lived during the four years while doing long-distance. They brought in personal touches from their history as a couple. including having their florals done from a local farm in Massachusetts they often used to buy flowers from while Scott was in school. Beer served was from their favorite brewery. There was even a New York table at cocktail hour with pastrami sandwiches and bagels and lox!

A Review From the Couple About Working With Us for their Wedding at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

“It’s hard to put into words just how much hiring Katherine Marchand made our wedding photography dreams come true. From the get-go, this company is different — badass, no cheesiness allowed, personalized, professional. Rather than forcing you to fit into some awkward, posed, same-old wedding mold, they somehow made us feel like Vogue models and yet utterly ourselves, while also meeting our family’s expectations on what wedding photos should look like.

As the owner of the company, Kat is always professional, responsive, and on top of things. She listens and tries to understand her couples, while also having an air of trustworthiness — we just knew she would make us look awesome and we didn’t have to think about much (always a gift when wedding planning). She has a bunch of tricks for getting people comfortable in front of the camera and they really work — you end up feeling like a model on a three-person date.

She also asks detailed questions to understand exactly what type of wedding you are having (everything down to understanding our awkward family dynamics). And on top of all that, their photos are so high-quality — they really understand light and angles and each photo looks polished, modern, and thought-out. Somehow they achieve this without being obtrusive during the wedding — no bright lights and tripods in your face — just two more fun wedding guests catching shots in the background.

Above all, hire them because Kat and her photographers have the demeanor you want on your wedding day — chill, relaxed, and ready to have fun and capture every amazing moment as it happens. (Real talk– Kat jumped into an Uber to get to the venue with my bridesmaids and me when our shuttle didn’t show up and caught some great shots, and I trusted her over everyone else to decide where to sign our ketubah when our plan A of doing it outside was not working). If you want cool, modern, real photos — just hire them already.

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Vendor List

Coordinator: On Time Event Planning
Florist: FiveFork Farms
Catering: Patina Events
Band: Metropolitan Players
Hair + Makeup: Face the Day NY
Dress: Birenzweig from Wedding Atelier
Suit: The Black Tux
Invitations: Minted
Gifts: Java Love Coffee
Photo Booth: Pop Shop

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