There are some moments in life that really make you pause and marvel at the unexplainable in our world. Jennifer and Joe’s wedding was one of those occasions. Their ceremony was held on the 62nd floor of the State Room, overlooking the entire city of Boston. Just as Jen came down the aisle to Joe, miraculous double rainbow appeared, seemingly by divine design. Everyone was in complete shock. After photographing over 500 weddings, it’s rare for me to be truly speechless, but this once-in-a-lifetime event was truly one I never would forget!

Pssssst…. did you see the viral double rainbow reel from this wedding? 🌈🌈

Jenni and Joe have the sweetest story, dating back to their time at Providence College where they were in the same circle of friends., sharing the same circle of friends.Joe had feelings for Jenni from the start, it required time and perseverance to escape the friend zone. But once he did – these two never looked back.

The couple planned a wedding day with Leslie James Events that reflected their easygoing nature and deep love for family and friends. Taking a sweet departure from tradition, they opted for unique elements like skipping a formal wedding party, and prioritizing moments like private vows before the ceremony.

The Venue: The State Room | Boston, MA

“We fell in love the moment we walked in…”

The State Room is renowned as one of Boston’s top wedding venues, prized for its modern style and timeless charm. Located on top of 60 State Street, this venue offers stunning views of Boston’s north side. Its wide, bright windows let in a lot of light and provide an extraordinary cityscape. With its high ceilings and a striking staircase, the State Room is perfect for both wedding ceremonies and receptions. The second floor level of the venue allows for unique photo opportunities and birds-eye-view photographs of your event. The Boston State Room combines the latest trends with classic elegance, making it a highly sought-after venue for luxury weddings.

Boston State Room wedding ceremony with classic white florals and ghost chairs.

The Couples Vision

Timeless Elegance with a Fun, Modern Twist

The couple envisioned their winter wedding as a blend of timeless elegance with a modern twist, and a big dose of fun! They softened the atmosphere with classic white florals and lush greenery against the backdrop of the State Room’s expansive windows and lofty ceilings, creating a cozy winter vibe. A highlight of the décor was the stunning staircase, adorned with cascading florals, serving as a main focal point for the ceremony and the couple’s grand entrance. Another special and unique touch was the illuminated posters in the hallway guiding guests to the reception. They showcased enlarged photos from the couple’s engagement session, resembling movie posters. It had a really artistic and editorial vibe and was a big hit with their guests! And of course, the ultimate classic: a checkered dance floor, a fan favorite that added a chic touch to the evening events. 🥂

Scroll to see all the beautiful details from this Boston State Room wedding!

Elegant wedding detail flat lay for a Boston wedding at the State Room.

Getting Ready

Heartfelt moments at the Boston Harbor Hotel

The night before their big day, the couple chose to spend it together at the Boston Harbor Hotel, embracing the morning over coffee and sharing private moments to celebrate. Afterward, Joe headed off to meet the guys for breakfast while Jennifer joined her mom and sister in a suite for hair and makeup. Jennifer’s getting-ready robe was uniquely special, as it was crafted from her mom’s wedding dress–such a meaningful detail!

Boston wedding getting ready location at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Jennifer looked stunning in a strapless shantung ball gown, featuring an asymmetrical corset bodice and a discreet slit for a modern touch. She paired it with stylish Manolo Blahnik pumps and her mom’s earrings and veil, adding a beautiful “something borrowed.” Meanwhile, Joe looked suave in his tailored black tuxedo. 

Candid bride getting ready portrait with her mom and sister.

As the day progressed, Jennifer shared a heartfelt first look with her dad before her closest friends popped in to offer their well wishes. And, Joe’s sisters made a special visit to see him before he headed downstairs for their First Look. 

First Look & Vows

Tear-Filled reaction under the iconic arch at Rowes Wharf

The first look was a heartwarming moment under the iconic archway of the Boston Harbor Hotel, where Joe eagerly awaited the big reveal. His reaction was priceless – tears flowed, sweet kisses were exchanged, and their of family and friends watched through glass doors nearby.

Following the first look, we discovered a secluded spot outside the hotel where they exchanged their vows in private. Their words to each other were incredibly heartfelt and filled with emotion. Everyone witnessing this special moment could see clearly that these two truly belong together.

Bride & Groom Portraits 

Memorable moments outside the State House

Following their private vows and family photos, the entire wedding party hopped on a Boston trolleybus to transport the group to the venue. Jen couldn’t wait for the photos at the State House, and we were committed to making it a special experience! To set the scene, we played her favorite Taylor Swift song on our portable speaker, adding a soundtrack to the moment. As we paused traffic to cross the street, Joe surprised her by lifting her up in the middle of the road, resulting in some amazing photos! 

The Ceremony 

Despite the morning rain, Jen wished for a rainbow.

Then, not one, but TWO rainbows appeared as she walked down the aisle lasting the entirety of the ceremony.

This moment went viral with over 20 million views on Instagram, resonating far beyond the wedding day!

Illuminated photos guided guests out of the elevator toward a floral-adorned staircase leading to the ceremony space, offering a stunning view of the cityscape. The modern arrangement of ghost chairs, adorned with stunning white floral arrangements, led the way to the altar, softly framed by more floral displays on pedestals, enhancing the already stunning backdrop.

Boston State Room wedding ceremony setup with cascading greenery and ghost chairs.

The ceremony took place just before sunset, casting a warm and romantic glow over the room. As guests arrived, there was a hint of a rain cloud in the distance, raising concerns about possible rain during the ceremony. However, instead of rain, something truly remarkable happened.

Just after Jennifer descended the grand staircase with her dad by her side, a rainbow appeared in the sky, quickly transforming into a double rainbow, lingering until the end of the ceremony. This heartwarming moment held significant meaning for the couple, especially for Joe, who deeply felt the absence of his mother following her passing two years earlier. The appearance of the double rainbow felt like a sign from the universe, perhaps even a message from Joe’s mother, blessing their marriage.

This touching moment left a lasting impression on everyone present, and its emotional impact made the entire wedding day – everybody couldn’t stop talking about it!

Boston State Room wedding ceremony birds-eye view.

Cocktail Hour

Candids and Cosmos on the Mezzanine

After the ceremony, the celebration transitioned upstairs. Guests were greeted by a unique seating chart cutout at the top of the stairs on the second floor of the State Room during cocktail hour. They mingled and enjoyed drinks while the main area was transformed into the dining space. As a heartfelt tribute to Joe’s late mother, they served cosmopolitans with charming cards labeling them as “Donna’s Cosmos” – her favorite drink. This thoughtful gesture honored her memory in a special way. During cocktail hour, we captured lots of candid moments of the bride and groom as they celebrated with their guests.

The Reception & Party

Emotional speeches and dancing under city lights

Following cocktail hour, the night progressed with dinner and heartfelt speeches that brought tears and laughter. Following the bride’s request, we focused on documenting the special moments of the reception, from the emotional speeches to the champagne tower and the couple’s first dance. Joe shared a touching moment dancing with each of his sisters for the mother/son dance. 

Boston State Room wedding reception at night.
Boston State Room wedding reception bride and groom first dance on a checkered dance floor.
Boston State Room wedding father-daughter first dance on a checkered dance floor birds-eye view.

Then came the most epic party! Guests had a blast with fun props like sunglasses and glow sticks circulating around. And thanks to the second-floor level of the venue, we were able to snap some incredible shots from above, capturing the energy and excitement of the dance floor. 

Taking a break for a quick outfit change, we took advantage of the moment to sneak outside for a final paparazzi-style shoot before the couple returned to the party. As the evening came to a close, they shared their final dance to their favorite song, bringing a perfect end to an unforgettable celebration.

Flash wedding reception party dancing photos at the Boston State Room.

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Wedding Management: Leslie James Events || Venue: The Stateroom: A Longwood Venue || Officiant: One Fine Day Officiant || Floral Designer: Flou(-e)r Specialty Floral Events || Photography: Katherine Marchand  || Videography: Retrosound Films || Ceremony & Cocktail Hour Music: Bright Set Entertainment || Reception Entertainment: 5 Star Events || Hair Stylist: NMG || Makeup Artist: Glamour Cosmetics || Rentals: Peak Event Services || Photo Booth: Flashbulb Memories Photobooth ||
Lighting:  DesignLight || Transportation: Old Town Trolley || Day-of printed items: Serif and Sans || Day-of Items: Signs by Viv || Stationery: Minted || Bride’s Attire: Vows Bridal || Bride’s Dress Designer: Enaura || Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik || Wedding Party Attire: V Chapman || Groom’s Attire: Suit Supply || Wedding Party Attire: The Black Tux || Host Hotel: Boston Harbor Hotel || Rehearsal Dinner:  Mamma Maria || After Party: Bostonia Public House || Event Assistant: Jillian Neal and Catherine Hamilton, Maverick Chic Events
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