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A Personal and Greenery-Filled Wedding at DUMBO Loft


A Personal and Greenery-Filled Wedding at DUMBO Loft

Shani and Emily were one of the first couples I ever photographed when I began my wedding photography career, after answering a model call they saw on social media. We immediately hit it off, and when they reached out a few years later to photograph their wedding at DUMBO Loft on 155 Water Street in Brooklyn…it felt like everything had just come full circle.

Shani is an actor and photographer, while Emily is a school teacher. These two creatives brought their minds together to create their own wedding that was both a reflection of their partnership and their beloved city of Brooklyn. Shani built the circular floral arrangement that hung behind them for the ceremony herself, and her mother and sister designed and made the pants/overskirt combo.

One of the sweetest details was that they had two aisles, so they could walk towards one another equally, as they do in life. Their vows brought everyone in the room to tears (even me and the bartender) and the celebration was a lighthearted event on a Sunday in August.

Vendor List

Emily’s Dress: Catherine Deane
Shani’s Dress: BHLDN
Rings: Doyle & Doyle
Catering: Kulushkat
Invitations: Minted
Venue: DUMBO Loft
DJ: Karen Johnson / DJ Lil Sis

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