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We want to make the finding your dream wedding photographer process transparent and seamless every step of the way. It's not just about the photos, but the experience you have with us capturing every moment of your wedding day. We've laid out all our reviews and links to even more right here for you to check out.

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the proof is in the pudding

I can't even describe the immense feeling of warmth, excitement, and joy that my heart is beat with when seeing our wedding gallery for the first time. It felt like the big day all over again with every single photo. Katherine was so wonderful to work with, even making a gloomy afternoon look SO AMAZING and wonderfully captured the spirit of our wedding.

"Quite simply, Katherine is the best. We wanted to take her out for drinks immediately after photographing our wedding."

Jolie & Ryan

From the get-go, this company is different -- badass, no cheesiness allowed, personalized, professional. Rather than forcing you to fit into some awkward, posed, same-old wedding mold, Katherine somehow made us feel like Vogue models and yet utterly ourselves, while also meeting our family's expectations on what wedding photos should look like.

"It's hard to put into words just how much hiring her made our wedding photo dreams come true."

Nicole & Scott

Don't get me wrong, everything they document is beautiful, colorful, magical, but it's also precise. It tells our story. Their photos are like living and breathing things. When hiring vendors you always want to choose someone who is on your team, who feels like a super prepared best friend. They are this.

"The portraits of ourselves and our loved ones are manifestations of who we are as people."

KIrsty & Ben

Because when all is said and done, when the meal is forgotten and the toasts are distant memories, you will feel more than blessed to own photographs as dynamic, personal and expressive as Katherine's. Hiring her was not only the best decision we made, but it was the best gift we could give ourselves."

"Katherine's photographs have become some of my most prized possessions and most cherished memories..."

JUlie & matt

Words from past clients

hear it for yourself

I was 5 months pregnant on my wedding day and - up until that day - it was a total confidence killer. Katherine completely changed my mindset by taking stunning photos that totally shocked me. She gave me peeks at the picture throughout the process to assure me that they were turning out great and that I had nothing to worry about. Having photographers that felt like old friends made the day so much more enjoyable.

"From our guests to our bridal party, parents and even other vendors, EVERYONE was talking about how much FUN they were."

Taylor & andrew

I have to tell everyone reading this that I have been to and been in so many weddings and all of the photos are the same...same poses, same everything. Katherine, however, is SO SO SO SO SO SPECIAL. I can not get over how insanely talented she is. I will never understand how Katherine has the eye for this stuff and how she is so immensely talented and creative. The photos are jaw dropping.

"She managed to make two really awkward people feel like we've been modeling for years."

Jamie & remy

And then there are the photos; they are breathtaking. All the big moments were captured beautifully and Katherine was able to capture the small, touching moments that were most unexpected. The photos of these smaller moments were a joyful surprise! Planning with her prior to the day was perfect. It was a not overbearing or too much, but enough that we felt she was prepared. We couldn’t recommend her enough.

"Katherine’s energy the day of was calm, assertive, professional, and kind."

shani & emily

I've gone through all the photos at least five times already and every time it brings such a wave of happiness and usually includes some tears. Since we've met you we never doubted you would do the absolute best job - better than any other photographer. What you have produced is even beyond our expectations and we can't thank you enough for being there for the most important days of our lives and for playing such an integral part in making sure the day flowed seamlessly.

"I am envious of all the future engaged couples who will be working with you because it was the most fun experience!"

Francisca & franklin


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