the pricing cure


THe ultimate profit calculation workbook

My signature 5-step strategy to help you not only figure out what to charge, but better understand your costs of doing business, how many weddings you need to book per year, and stay on track to financially meeting your goals. 

i already know i need this!

this is the cure for it all...

pricing based on what *feels* right but regretting it when the wedding arrives

lack of clarity in your numbers and authority in your pricing (confidence bb!)

riding the high of getting a $1500 deposit but stressing af when its time to pay taxes

I created this course to help you have real CONFIDENCE in your pricing + sales strategy

by understanding the ins and outs of the numbers, you can run your business with authority.

time to stop guessing +
Start profiting


The very first step of the process is diving deep into your numbers. Your personal expenses, your costs of running a business, and your financial goals (because that's why you're working so hard, right?). Once you have clarity on what you need to survive and what you're working for, you can begin structuring pricing to profit.



get real about your finances

One of the biggest questions I hear is "How should I price myself?" I can't answer this question because I don't know YOUR market. But you do. In this module, I give you my simple step lesson to figure out the range you need to be starting in based on your market, competitors, and skill level. Numbers and the market don't lie. 



the market doesn't lie

Whether you offer standard packages or customized pricing for every client, you must break down all of the details associated with your most popular offerings so you can standardize them. You'll break them down following my strategies and simple formulas so you know all factors involved to cultivate a pricing strategy that profits.



breaking down your bookings

One of the biggest struggles I see business owners grapple with is not looking at their time as money. By figuring out where your time is actually going, you can have expectations of your REAL income (not the big number for the booking which sounds hella fabulous at first). This is the key to creating pricing that works for you.



look at your
time as money

The best part of the process! Yes, you'll end up with pricing packages but how does this apply to your booking strategy for the year? In this module, you'll use my simple formulas to calculate your income for the year, how much you should book, as well as all my bonus tips to increase your profit and income without taking on more bookings.



putting it 
all together

The clarity and strategy you'll achieve after completing the Pricing Cure is only the beginning. I've put together my most loved resources including a financial tracking spreadsheet and a list of my favorite money apps, as well as bonus videos, to ensure you stay on track and enmesh the profit mindset + system into your business for years to come.




the real talk


Are you that person that always looks at their bank account with one eye open?

This is happening because you don't have CLARITY. When you know your numbers, where your money has to go, and how much you have to make, you'll begin feeling happy AF + motivated about money versus terrified of it.

eliminate stress




Why did you start your own business? To go on more vacations? Buy a home?

No matter how passionate you are about what you do, we all work for that $$$ moolah baby. Without proper tracking to reach your goals, you'll keep treading water just to keep your head above water in business.  Let's get you SWIMMING babe.

manifest goals

why clarity on your numbers matters

Find yourself changing pricing up to fit the inquiry or doing what just *feels* right?

If you don't know the in's and out's of what you need to survive and just quoting numbers based on feelings, you will NEVER profit. Straight up. With this program, you'll not only have a system for your pricing but the confidence to pitch your worth with authority.

meet your pricing spirit guide


At age 23, I started my wedding photography business with no bookings, a small portfolio, but a whole lot of passion and desire to work hard. Less than three years after I photographed my first wedding, I've booked over $750,000 from wedding photography alone in one of the most competitive markets in the country - New York City.

Running a profitable business is HARD. I created this entire strategy my first year of business to understand all of the numbers involved with bookings (because that $3,000 never actually goes all in our pocket even though it feels that way) and price myself with confidence + clarity.

This system helped me grow my business sustainably, raise my prices competitively, and profit to build the life I always dreamed of. Now I've broken it all down for you so you can run the finances with authority and strategy.

the proof is in the pudding





Don't just take my word for it!

I would have paid hundreds for this. I just transformed my budget, my finances, and my damn LIFE with the Pricing Cure. Thank you for breaking this down in simple terms and making it FUN. This course feels like CONTROL. I have a weight lifted knowing that I can easily calculate my business to THRIVE and not just survive and actually have this system built into my life comfortably & efficiently and be in full control of my finances.

"this is the holy grail of managing your finances"

Sara welch

This course shakes things up for you right in the face. I’m currently a part-time photog who still has a full time job because I have family financial needs to meet, but this gave me an exact idea of where I need to be in terms of booking clients to go full time if I wanted to. Katherine objectively laid out everything you need to LIVE and how to raise your prices as you level up. Everyone will find this so fucking helpful."

"if you're ready to face the music, this is for you"

xiaopan xue

This workbook is seriously pure gold for someone as non-number savvy like myself.  I feel confident in what I offer & charge now because it’s backed by numbers & data & a system not just guessing as I go! You teach in such an inspiring, clear, personable way that has me excited about something like numbers. Thank you a million times over for creating this.

"a game changer if you’ve been in business for 5 years or just starting out"

Michaella jelin till

The Pricing Cure is a self-paced intensive program following my step-by-step strategy to finally figure out how to price yourself and create a numbers strategy to profit in your business. You work hard to make money right? This is to help you stop guessing and gain real financial clarity. 

what is the pricing cure?

As soon as you purchase the program! You'll have instant access to the full course with all of the lessons and videos. The Introduction includes my best tips to get the most out of The Pricing Cure, but you can dive right in as soon as you sign up or save this in your back pocket for later.

How soon can I start?

The Pricing Cure is for any creative entrepreneur who runs a service-based business (with some products mixed in). Wedding photographers, planners, florists, hair+makeup artists, coaches, graphic designers, virtual assistants, you name it. All of the material applies to all roles.

Who is this for?

Well...why are you working so hard in your business? To make money, right? No matter how much passion you have for your work, you are still trying to profit and build a life for yourself. This program is designed to give you even further clarity on the numbers so you can profit.

Why SHould I invest in this?

Trust me, this isn't some BS about writing out your expenses and booking details. Whether you are savvy AF with your financials or terrified of looking at your bank account, this program is designed to give you even further clarity on your numbers to profit and build a sustainable biz.

what if i'm good with numbers?

Read through this entire page and have a question that isn't listed here? Send an email to or DM Katherine directly on Instagram with your question. Be sure to mention "PRICING CURE" in your message.

question that isn't listed here?

it's time to stop guessing.

ready to begin pricing yourself with confidence and create a financial strategy that affords the life you want?


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