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Portrait Manual




Awkward portraits are not our thing.

No props, no jumping, no looking longingly into the distance – nothing forced. We only want to capture you two as you are. So we’ve put together this guide on what to expect, when to schedule, what to wear, what to do with your hands, and how to work with us to create amazing images together.


The hangtime / shoot is between 1.5-2.5 hours long depending on where we go and what the weather decides. We typically start shooting during the final 2-3 hours of the day when the sunlight light is at it’s prime. We prefer to start in your home if possible. It’s the one place that you share as a couple and it tells us a lot about your personalities. Most of us New Yorkers have tiny, cramped apartments, jam packed with charm. You will always remember the apartment you lived in when you got married, so why not showcase that?

The best way to prepare your home is to have it on the tidy side, but not spotlessly clean if that’s not your jam. Our apartments are messy too! Don’t stress about it. When we arrive, please have all the curtains in your place open and the lights turned off. You can have some music or a record playing, and feel free to have a beer or pop a bottle of wine. This is a celebration of you two and how far you have come together.

After spending time and shooting in your home, we then head out into your neighborhood, where you dwell the most.  These photos are going to be about where you hang out, the streets you pass on your daily commute, your favorite coffee shop, etc.  Again, we are not about posing you in front of major landmarks in the city. However, if you have a certain place in mind, then we would love to include it because of its meaning to you.


When it comes to clothes, we want you to feel confident and comfortable, so dress like yourself and if you want to dress up, then by all means…. do it.  Just keep in mind that we will be on foot. Below are a few of our key tips for choosing outfits and planning:

  • Steer clear of fluorescents. Fluorescent colors tend to color cast on faces, necks and hair. They’re harsh sometimes. We always recommend versions of primary colors. Yellow (mustard), red (maroon, brick), and blue (navy, royal). If one of you is wearing black, we recommend the other to wear something that isn’t black so you don’t blend into one another.
  • Stay away from wearing a lot of green. Since we like to seek out green space when shooting, it can be just too much green. You want to stand out amongst all the greenery you are surrounded by. Forest green and mint green colors are fine, but we don’t recommend heavy leafy green colors.
  • Layers, layers, layers!  When putting together an outfit, layers are what make the outfit look polished and complete!  Add a cardigan, or jewelry, etc.  This also gives the shoot much more depth! Even if it’s just as simple as adding a little fur vest, it adds so much more dimension to your wardrobe.
  • Ladies! This shoot is also a great opportunity to treat yourself to get your makeup and hair done as a trial for the wedding, so think about scheduling that alongside our session together if that is your style. We have a list of highly recommended make-up artists and hair salons if you need. Avoid bringing a large bag, or any purse at all for that matter. We will constantly be putting your bag out of the frame and/or handing it to me — it just interrupts the flow of our session.
  • Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in, but I ask no shirts with logos or graphics on them. No dirty running sneakers. No sweatpants. Please be sure to wear pants with back pockets that you can stick your wallet and phone into so they won’t show in photos.


This is an experience and a collaboration on making some art together.

So just be you, let us handle the photography direction, and we will make some fantastic photographs together. 🙂

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